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united logistics company reviews

Well, the team at GoodFirms has made that possible. You can find all the necessary information https://www.pinterest.com/uss_express_reviews/ about all the top-notch logistics and supply chain companies in the UAE here.

  • We’re very sorry to hear about your experience with XPO.
  • Dispatchers work hard to get you a trip, even if you are new.
  • A total restructure is needed to create an atmophere of teamwork.
  • However there are often not enough trucks, and the hours can be long some days, but overtime is paid after 8 hours.
  • As international freight forwarders, our services are aimed and designed specifically to serve all types of projects, through our network of agents, partners, and strategic alliances all over the world.

Having ITS handle the logistics operation aspects of the business has freed us up to focus on more important things. Thanks for taking time to share the details of working in that particular position. We’ll definitely share these comments with the team so we can learn, grow and improve. We appreciate your feedback and encourage you to reach out to your HR business partner for support and solutions. We care very much about our team members and want to make sure everyone is treated with respect. Thanks for your feedback and constructive comments. Our senior leadership team is currently traveling to various sites and reviewing a lot of the training and processes that are in place.

Official Response From Xpo Logistics

We’ll most definitely share your advice with the team as well. We’re sorry to hear about your experience uss express review with XPO. We take all feedback seriously and will share your comments with our senior leadership team.

united logistics company reviews

We’re sorry to hear about your experience at XPO. We value and appreciate all of our employees and customers, so it’s difficult to receive this feedback. However, we take all comments seriously and will share this with our senior leadership team.

Indu Logistics

UncommonGoods is deeply committed to providing excellent customer experience. And while our customers come to us for our creatively-designed, unique products, we know that to remain competitive in retail, we must provide fast, low-cost fulfillment and shipping. ITS Logistics has become more than just a 3pl provider, but a strong and strategic partner who is constantly uss express review looking for improvements in our supply chain. They also support our values of sustainability in how we work with vendors, our employees and our customers. With unparalleled customer service and communication, flexibility, the Nation’s best drivers, and one of the newest asset-based fleets in the supply chain industry—we can handle any freight transportation need.

united logistics company reviews

Somedays it’s nice to get the OT but other times it’s a lot to drive all day and then load and unload freight. The pay and benefits for the type of work is good. Frequent turnover in middle management makes it difficult to ensure consistent operational processes. Generally co workers and management are uss express review great people. The company cares about their employees and everyone is basically like family I do not have any complaints and excited I was given this opportunity. It truly depends on what kind of worker you are, if your a hard worker that don’t really mind working long hours then this place is for you.

Integrated Logistics Service

ALL AROUND SUPER SMART PERSON. The supervisors were great workers and people as well. Had wonderful csr coworker- one of the best in the company-a speed demon and efficient.

Fedex Will Test Drone Delivery For More Efficient Middle Mile Logistics

We offer a wide range of trucking, flatbed trucking, transportation, hauling and logistical services. The ITS team has been instrumental in helping change the supply chain operations strategy of one of our biggest clients. ITS created a custom, scalable transportation solution to help reduce order cycle time and cost variability https://kellerlogistics.com/ while delivering solid execution. This allows our core team to focus on delivering strategic results. When we looked at ITS and their wealth of experience and knowledge, it really checked all the boxes of exactly what we needed in a logistics provider. I know that ITS truly cares about the success of our ecommerce business.